Located at 223 Mcdermot is Lennard Taylor, a clothing store run by yours truly — Lennard Taylor. Open Monday to Friday from 11am – 7pm and Saturday 11am – 6pm, Lennard Taylor specializes in handmade, original denim and leather clothing. They also sell original paintings and artwork, as well as hand-picked antiques.





The man himself, Lennard Taylor, is a fashion designer and painter based in Winnipeg, MB. Raised in Old St. Vital,  Lennard has been creating for eight years and has worked all over the fashion industry. From overseeing thousands of units in large corporations to working in China managing productions to sitting in his shop sewing the day away.

Lennard is self taught and grew up in a family of creativity. His father is an architect and painter, his mother is an interior designer and also loves hand needle work, and his sister is a graphic designer — growing up Lennard knew he would have a career in design.

“I’ve always loved fashion and dressing up. Any excuse to look fancy is great, I love the process.” Says Lennard. “The first time I painted is when I really felt the power of a paintbrush. Painting is something I have to do, I need it in my life.”




Although Lennard has done shows all over Canada, he says Winnipeg has always been home for him. Having a close group of friends from Winnipeg and keeping budget in mind, Lennard plans to stay in the Peg.

“Winnipeg is a small city — you can get relatively known with your peers very easily.” Says Lennard. “Compared to Toronto, I’m a small fish in a big pond. In Winnipeg, I’m a small fish in a small pond.”

Lennard says he loves the creative community in Winnipeg and it’s one of the main reasons he keeps coming back.

“It a great support system.” Says Lennard.

Previously, Lennard had a studio in the Exchange District but the shop didn’t receive as much traffic because it was hidden. When a storefront on Mcdermot popped up, Lennard jumped at the chance to take it.

Before, the store had just been a temporary Pop Up Shop, but Lennard loved the space so much he locked in the space for long term.

“I lucked out hard with this space.” Says Lennard “A lot of people would kill to have this space.”




One of Lennard’s most popular collections is the Ripped Hazard Collection of shirts with various holes in them. Previously, Lennard was ripping each shirt by hand and then he had the idea to rip the shirt using a shotgun. His new collection of Ripped Hazzard shirts: Shotgun Edition, will have holes from a 12-gauge shotgun. He plans to release the shirts on November 6, 2015.

Lennard hopes to revamp his website and release his Fall 2016 collection. Although he plans to have a show in Edmonton and Calgary, Lennard says he would love to work with some more local people to connect and make the community stronger.







Meet Mustafa, a lover of fashion and photography. Born in 1995 and wreaking havoc since day one, Mustafa is a workaholic and a trainer at LUSH.







OOTD details:

Sunglasses – Gift

Jacket – Thrifted (& DIY)

Shirt – Urban Outfitters

Jeans – ASOS (& DIY)

Rings – ASOS

Shoes – J.D. Fisk

In three words, Mustafa describes his style as eccentric, inspired, and daring. With a love for putting outfits together, Mustafa says his favourite part of fashion is that it allows people to be creative and speak their mind without saying a word.

“Not everyone can just pick up a brush or a pencil and create a masterpiece. The same applies for fashion, it takes talent and taste.”

Mustafa pulls inspiration from online and says Winnipeg is become more refined in the fashion industry.

“Just by walking down the street, I’m starting to see more colour, patterns, and textures.”

Mustafa loves to collect silk button downs. His favourite button down is a rich deep burgundy with black polka dots. He found this gem while shopping in Amsterdam with a bunch of girls. They were visiting the Jordaan district, hopping from thrift shop to thrift shop, when he came across a vintage store with a plethora of silk shirts.

OOTD – Kassie

Meet Kassie; an aspiring photographer with a love for psychotic thrillers. With over two thousand followers on Instagram, Kassie always finds the time to photograph Winnipeg. When she’s not taking photos, Kassie is usually hanging out with her girls.







OOTD details:

Hat – Urban Outfitters

Dress – Winners

Socks – Grandma’s closet

Shoes – Value Village

In three words, Kassie describes her style as thrifted, oversized, and casual. Although she’s not a fan of the rising prices, her favorite place to thrift is Value Village. This frugal finder loves pulling pieces that normally wouldn’t work together to make an interesting outfit.

“I don’t like the idea of spend three hundred dollars on shoes.”

Loving the oversized look, Kassie often goes to her Grandma’s closet to find new outfits. Even though her friends used to make fun of her for wearing her Grandma’s clothes outside the house, Kassie found ways to put her personal charm on some older pieces.

“I used to wear her shirts and put belts around them to make them into dresses.”

Kassie emphasizes on comfort when it comes to style and says if people aren’t comfortable in their own skin then their style will reflect it.

Honey I’m home

Yes, I know. It’s been awhile since my last post. Six months and three days to be exact. Not to fret, I’m back and ready to start up again! We will be back to regular scheduled programing next week.

For now here’s a little behind insight for my most recent photoshoot for the homepage of my new website (

After a year of late nights, energy drinks, and constant redesigning, I was nearing the final stages of launching my new website. I only had one more page to go, the home page. I needed something to open with, a gallery of pictures that embodied my style.

I have a love for the “greaser” look. I’m talking about leather jackets, white t-shirts, and motorcycles. So I put together a styled shoot that would showcase the beautiful, classic simplicity of the greaser age. I also have a love for clean white backgrounds — product/catalogue photography. You know, the kind of pictures you see while shopping for clothes on Urban Outfitters.

So I booked the studio for four hours (p.s My favorite studio is Aspire Studios on 289 King St). I gathered my favorite models, my go-to makeup artist, and added some helping hands. Since I wanted to go for the greaser style, I contacted a wonderful local fashion designer — Lennard Taylor — and asked to borrow a couple of his infamous holsters.


I knew I wanted to get a motorcycle involved somehow. I posted an ad on Kijiji titled “WANTED – Motorcycle for photoshoot” and the replies came flooding in. After securing a motorcycle to use, I had to address the issue of getting it into the studio. You see, the studio is on the third floor of a building. Although there is a large enough elevator to transport the motorcycle, the issue was getting it from the ground to the loading dock — which is a four foot clearing. I had looked all over the place for a ramp that would lift the motorcycle but I couldn’t find anything and the date of the shoot was slowly approaching. I decided to leave it until the shoot day and talk to the furniture store that’s in the same building as the studio.

Come the day of the shoot, everything is going relatively smoothly and we’re getting some amazing shots. Come around the time when the motorcycle is supposed to be dropped off, I start to worry. I talked to the owners of the studio and they suggested I go across the street to River City Rides — an autobody/motorcycle rental shop — to see if they can help (how convenient). I told them about my situation and they agreed to help me out. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any ramps large enough for the clearing. The owner, Karl, made the brilliant suggestion of shooting inside the autobody shop. Thrilled, I grabbed my models from the studio and starting to shoot in the shop.

The shots turned out so much better than I expected — a happy accident. I now have a beautiful home page all thanks to everyone who helped me with my shoot. That’s the great part of “time for print” shoots, everyone is getting something out of the shoot and it’s a collaborative process that is extremely rewarding.

You can view more photos from the shoot on the homepage of my website

Special thanks to everyone that helped out with this shoot, I couldn’t have done it without you!

  • Mimi Hart
  • Lennard Taylor
  • Attieh Mardli
  • Jeff Krul
  • Jarryd Chattree
  • Nicole Buffie
  • Danielle Jones
  • Rowan Leigha
  • All the staff at River City Rides


Boots, bowties, and bags, oh my! For every dapper-dressed chap in the Peg, Jose & Markham is a hidden gem in the Exchange. With an entire wall storing black shoe boxes filled with various leather shoes, this is paradise for every shoe shopper.




In 2009, Cesar Baez travelled to Winnipeg with a mere $500 in his pocket. Originally from Mexico, Baez hoped to bring a Mexican touch to the business world of Canada.

Having generations of family experience making leather footwear, Baez inherited most of his craft from his grandfather who ran a shoe company called Don Agus. For 30 years his grandfather dedicated his time to creating quality shoes for elementary students.

From tanning the leather to creating his grandfather’s signature crepe gum rubber soles, Baez learned the entire process for creating leather shoes.

“I remember wearing my grandfather’s shoes all the time when I was growing up,” says Baez. “The process for creating the crepe sole takes longer and is more expensive, but the quality and comfort is all in the sole.”




When Baez arrived in Canada, he knew starting any kind of business would be difficult. Although Baez has former experience with owning a business in Mexico, Canada is a completely different environment.

Shortly after arriving in Canada, Baez started working at Whisky Dix — a nightclub in the heart of the Exchange. Baez worked as a security guard and eventually moved up to a manager where he met his future business partner Wade Salchert.

“Wade has believed in my ideas since he met me,” says Baez. “He invested in my plans and he’s been there since the beginning.”

During the process, Salchert and Baez met David Lewis. Like Salchert, Lewis saw potential in Baez’s ideas, and the company started in 2011.




Baez, Lewis, and Salchert combined their Spanish and English backgrounds and named the company “Jose & Markham”.  Baez incorporated lions into the logo — as his hometown, Leon, translates to the wildcat. In the center of the logo’s banner, they included the initials of their first names and the year they opened in store in roman numerals. Collaborating with a team of designers, Jose & Markham created their first collection and manufactured the line in Baez’s hometown. Business Manager, Darci, expanded Jose & Markham’s products on websites such as,, and

“I design everything I’m going to wear,” says Baez. “Same with Darci and Wade. We all have our different styles and those ideas create our shoes.”

Once the company started, Baez wanted to find a space to sell the shoes. For the first four months of starting the company, Salchert kept their designs in his apartment. They knew they needed a bigger place. Since Baez worked in the Exchange so often, he stumbled upon an open space on Princess Street.

“This place was destroyed,” says Baez. “All of the floors were pitch black with rot before. It took us around a month to clean this place up.”

Baez’s main concern is to get the brand exposure by placing his products in new stores or wholesale. He hopes to eventually open a second locations in Toronto or Vancouver.

OOTD – Rowan

Meet Rowan; a senior student at River East Collegiate. She enjoys architecture and traveling. She hopes to travel to Thailand, Greece, and Brazil, but wants to live in Tobago — where her father is originally from. Rowan aspires to have a career in specializing in ultrasonography.







OOTD details:

Sweater – H&M

Sunglasses & Necklace – Urban Outfitters

Denim button up – Mom’s closet

Jeans – American Eagle

Rings – The Forks

Shoes – Thrifted

Edgy, laid back, and bold is how Rowan describes her style. She says she likes to look put together and she thinks her style exemplifies that.

“I dress for myself,” says Rowan. “I don’t really need to impress anyone but myself.”

She gets most of her inspiration from Instagram users such as American Apparel and Urban Outfitters — and she also shops there frequently.

OOTD – Allyssa

Meet Allyssa; a student finishing up her final year of high school at River East Collegiate. She enjoys dance such as ballet and jazz. She also enjoys theatre and acting. Although she’s a fan of the arts, Allyssa hopes to become a police officer when she’s older.

“I find crime fascinating,” says Allyssa. “Detective work, investigations, all that fun stuff.”







OOTD details:

Sweater – H&M

Necklace – Forever 21

Hat – ALDO

Pants – Warehouse One

Shoes – Sirens

In 3 words, Allyssa describes her style as edgy, comfortable, and heavily influenced by black. Because of this, Allyssa thinks her styles makes her seem angry and evil — but she’s mostly convinced it’s because of her “resting bitch face”.

“Sarcasm is my main language,” says Allyssa. “Same with sass.”

Although Allyssa doesn’t take inspiration from anyone, she says she just pulls clothes from stores and puts her daily outfits together. Her favourite stores include Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, and H&M.